As part of the vertical integration, which allows us to be autonomous within the entire production and commercialization, we have the Corrugados del Darién cardboard factory, where cardboard boxes and labels are produced for the packaging of Banacol and third party products. Established since 1987 and located in the Colombian region of Urabá, Corrugados del Darién has a first-class technological infrastructure, with the capacity to produce more than 63 million boxes of corrugated cardboard and process 83,000 tons of paper per year.

The plant is constituted by a corrugating line, an adhesive preparation zone, two boilers, two flexographic plates, a cutter for pad, a flexographic for labels, a cutter and a label counter.

The corrugating line has an E + L process control system, which allows greater autonomy and control of the process variables. In addition, we have state-of-the-art equipment, which allows us to guarantee an optimum performance in our products. Among these we have:

  • A double ISO-bar gumming machine of the latest technology, which helps to optimize the application of adhesive.
  • Automatic tension control system.
  • The paper alignment system, which allows a decrease in the trim.
  • Slitter score with automatic positioning heads.
  • Fiberglass knife of the latest technology, which guarantees more autonomy, greater synchronization in speed and very thin cuts, for a higher quality.
  • A system of automated exit belts, for stacking in sleeves.
  • The flexographic process has two prefeeders, which allow greater flexibility in format changes and optimize the conversion process.
  • Equalizer system that allows to increase the useful life of the covers and decrease the times of the changes.
  • The positioning system for rotating elements (zero points)


Adress: Km. 2 rute from Turbo, Apartado, Antioquia

Phone number: (+57) (4) 8293232