The beginning of our history; we plant the first seeds with the incorporation of C. I. Banacol S. A.


We brand our fruits; we make them unique; we initiate the sale of our Banacol branded products in the U.S.A.


We expand our frontiers; now our fruits are also grown in Costa Rica.

Because we want the best quality fruit to be protected, we opened our Plastics Factory.


To ensure our fruit complete protection and to maintain its quality, we acquire 50% of the cardboard factory, Corrugados del Darien in Uraba.

Because the progress and wellbeing of the communities where we operate is part of our development, we create the Fundacion Social Banacol-Corbanacol.


We continue to give identity to our products throughout the World: We initiate sales of our Banacol branded fruit in Europe.


The Diversity of products is part of our growth process; now we plant pineapple crops in Costa Rica.


The arrival of our products to port destinations is a basic part of our process; we concentrate this activity in Eddystone port for our US operation.


Pineapple gold becomes one of our leading products and we begin direct sales. The Venecia brand is born.


With the purchase in Colombia of approximately 5,000 hectares of banana plantations, we strengthen the volume of production to offer the world more and improved quality products.


We have been growing for 25 years and have acquired an excellent reputation in the countries where we are active and have a market position.


Since the safety of our exports is of vital importance, we work to have a BASC certified logistic operation and became the first and only company in Uraba to be certified under this procedure.


– Sardinal packing plant starts its pineapple operations, located in the Central Pacific in Costa Rica.

– Arrival of Banacol’s 1,000 shipment to Eddystone port, which represents twenty years of continued presence in the Northeast market.

– This is our 30th anniversary. We are a renovated company facing new challenges and preparing to harvest new fruits that will offer wellbeing to all our stakeholders.



Corporate traceability model implemented and adjusted to World Standard GS1 for the logistic operation in Colombia, Costa Rica and the U.S.


C-TPAT certification Level 3 obtained.



As of January 2013, all of Banacol’s productive and logistics activity in Colombia is concentrated in Urabá.



Banacol sells its banana and pineapple farms from Costa Rica to Dole, its biggest ally.



As of January 2015, Banacol begins a new market strategy, with the FOB sale, to Dole, of the largest volume of its fruit.



As part of the banana guild, Banacol becomes a participant in Puerto Antioquia.