Our environmental footprint

We preserve,
reforest and mitigate

We have come to understand that our planet must be inhabited in a responsible manner. We promote a healthy balance between our production activities and care for the environment. This is a commitment that prioritizes the ecosystems by keeping in mind a sustainable activity, being clearly aware that each element in nature is the spark of life, and that it is our duty to preserve and protect it and so leave a positive footprint on the world.

We take care of our ecosystems

We promote conservation, recovery, and enrichment of natural habitats.

We preserve water sources

We help preserve the quantity, quality, and availability of this valuable resource for ecosystems and nearby communities.

We use nonconventional

We are working on eco efficiency processes, trying for the lowest energy use and at the best cost. We started an energy transition project by installing solar panels in our administration offices. The Apartdó facilities will generate 91,000 kw/h which will represent 22% of the power provided by the system. It is estimated that, for Control B, there will be 96,385 kw/h generated during the first year, representing 39% of the energy required for the operation.

power use
energy intensity

We manage our
carbon footprint

We measure our greenhouse gas emissions, and we carry out mitigation activities to become certified as carbon neutral in 2022.
Carbon footprint

We use
proper waste
disposal methods

We minimize the impact associated with waste disposal. The processes of collecting, disposing, recycling, and reusing processes are a permanent practice in our actions.


143,944.03 Tons

Recycled waste
143,801.823 Tons

Waste sent to landfills
142.20 Tons



148.89 Tons

Disposal methods

Stored in security cells
0.01 Tons

Recycled and/or transformed waste
148,628 Tons

Incinerated waste
0.252 Tons

Our challenges

  • Continue our reforestation program buy planting 10,000 additional trees in the Urabá region.

  • As part of our activities for the control of sigatoka, we will migrate the control to protective products, and use a strategy to reduce the chemical load of the crops using bio stimulant products.
  • Continue measuring our carbon footprint and defining and monitoring the plan to mitigate the environmental impact of our operations. We will try to be carbon neutral in 2022.

  • Install solar panels in our administrative facilities in Envigado and Urabá (Banacol and Control B). This will enable us to generate approximately 268,644Kw/h. This will represent, for our Envigado facilities, 27% of the power supplied by the system, 22% of the power supplied by the system for the Apartadó facilities, and 39% of the power needed for the operations at Control B.

  • A project to use rainwater from the roofs of the packing plants in our farms will be designed and built.

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