• 3,914 children under 7 years of age and pregnant mothers nutritionally recovered in the nutrition programs with affection.
    • 6,938 Accumulated Housing solutions
    • 3,638 social services per year in English Language Training, Mathematics, and Systems, Ecological Advocacy Clubs, Film Club, Training Programs for Youth and Women, Library, Kitchen and Health Center.
    • 3,940 athletes per year in sports training programs and high performance through the sports CLUB, in more than 34 educational institutions.
    • 4,617 certified families accumulated in healthy housing programs with PAHO
    • 31,408 participants directly by December 2016 with 36,376 kilos of donated flour, BANANUT Green Banana Flour, BANANUT PLUS Green Banana Flour with Micronutrients (Iron, Zinc, Folic Acid, and Vitamin C).
    • 1,200 beneficiaries per year in the health brigades.
    • 8,051 million in 2016 in social investment, reaching 36,000 social services.
    • 41,215 U $ (119 billion pesos) invested in social investment programs