CFS is the Banacol Corporation port operator. We offer port, maritime and fluvial operation services to various types of cargo, whether perishable, general, palletized, containerized or extra-dimensioned.

We serve a broad and solid group of clients, which includes well-known maritime lines and other companies related to the international trade chain in Urabá. The high quality standards and good service practices, oriented to the complete and permanent satisfaction of our users, have made CFS the best ally of exporters and importers of merchandise in the region.

The strategic location of our facilities represents enormous advantages, both for shipping lines and for exporters and importers, who benefit from our competitive proposal, in addition to the proximity to the country’s production centers and other development projects in the region.

CFS has facilities and port operations in the sectors of Nueva Colonia and Zungo, with river operation in the Leon River and marine operation in Bahia Colombia, in the Uraba Gulf.

All our services are certified under the PBIP (International Ship and Port Facility Protection Code) and BASC (Business Coalition for Secure International Trade) standards.

At CFS we have the capacity and scope to offer a wide variety of services in order to meet the needs and requirements of our customers.

Land transport management of cargo in the Urabá area specifically for fruit between farms and terminals.
Cargo reception in terminals.
Filling/emptying of dry and refrigerated containers (with cooling option).
Fluvial and marine transport from the terminals of Nueva Colonia and Zungo, to the ships anchored in the Gulf of Urabá and vice versa, for palletized cargo and containers.
Cross-docking of merchandise, with the possibility of using a transfer room with temperature control, to guarantee the cold chain. Executing in parallel the inspections of the corresponding authorities.
Handling of rolling load, break bulk and project.

Likewise, we have the knowledge, the faculties, and facilities to offer alternative services for marine equipment and container fleets, among others.

Construction and maintenance of barges, tugboats, and bongos, complying with the regulations established by the DIMAR.
Maintenance of dry and refrigerated containers, according to IICL standards.
Manufacture of structures for port operations, workshops, racks, and sheds, among others.

Nueva Colonia
Area 40.000 m2
Full containers 288 FEUS
Empty containers 624 FEUS
Total capacity 912 FEUS
Storage height 5 levels
Electrical connections 358
Performance load containers 15 cntr/h
Performance load pallets 200 pts/h
Parking trucks 40


Area 100.000 m2
Full Containers 132 FEUS
Empty Containers 416 FEUS
Total Capacity 548 FEUS
Storage height 5 levels
Electrical connections 188
Performance load containers 15 cntr/h
Performance load pallets 100 pts/h


Equipment Year 2018
Tugs 10
Flat 5
Barges 6
FEUS afloat full 282
FEUS afloat empty 581
Bongos 13
Power Packs 10
Plugs Power Packs 108
Connection plugs 546
Electric backrest 162
Own reefer containers for fruit storage 120
Sortiecontainer 1
Coold rooms 2

To ensure that our operations are executed efficiently and safely, we have equipment with the highest technology, with preventive maintenance programs that generate reliability and ensure their optimal and timely provision for the provision of services.

Marine equipment: Fluvial and marine tugboats, and bongo, hooper and slab barges.

Movement of containers: mobile crane, bridge crane and reach stacker, suitable for the movement of full and empty containers.

Latest technology: In CFS we have software for the management of logistics operations in terminals and yards of containers, through which all inventories and movement of these and operating equipment are controlled. With its use we manage the service from the planning of the execution of the requirements, passing through the online control of the operation, until ensuring that all orders are invoiced, according to the resources used and the conditions agreed upon in the negotiations.

The way in which the port, fluvial and maritime operation is integrated is sustained by years of experience and successive improvements, which have been developed from the export of fruit and the import of supplies related to the banana industry. Now we put at the disposal of new actors all our capacity, evidenced in a suitable facilities, equipped with cutting-edge technology and a trained human group with the best disposition to provide an excellent service.


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