About Banacol

We are a sustainable
agri-industrial group

Our commitment to the earth and the development of the fields, the regions, and the country, is reflected in the production and commercialization of bananas, and the commercialization of plantains grown by local farmers, the production of plastics and corrugated cardboard for agriculture, and the sale of these agri-industrial inputs.

Our businesses

This business is dedicated to the production and commercialization of bananas, as well as the commercialization of plantains nurturen by local producers, the production of agricultural plastics, corrugated cardboard, and the sale of those agri-industrial inputs. Over 95% of the bananas that we commercialize are produced in our own plantations – 6000 hectares in Colombia – which guarantees excellent quality control and compliance with the specifications agreed on with the clients.
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We are in charge of planning the sigatoka control program, a fungus that affects banana crops. We provide integrated, tailored solutions for aerial and ground spraying, starting with the definition of a competitive plant health program and including air spraying, aeronautical maintenance, and ground support with a differential technology, operational safety, and control value offer.
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With all the needs for plastic industries, inputs for the banana, plantain, and other tropical fruits such as soursop, pineapple, guava apple, and any other agricultural products that require it, starting with bag materials that help protect the growing fruit, to the packaging products that go with the final product to the market and the consumer.
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This is a circular economy initiative where we use the bananas not fit for exports but of excellent quality, to transform them into banana purée and banana flour. This is an added value product and a key raw material for the food and beverage industry. Our plant, which started production in 2021 as the first industrial plant in the region using state-of-the-art technology and certified quality, hopes to become a benchmark at the national and South American levels.
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We produce corrugated carboard boxes, cardboard corner pieces, and stickers for packaging the products. This provides added value for the fruit and produce industry. We have leading edge technology to produce 90 million boxes a year, 2,500,000,000 stickers and 8 million corner pieces a year.
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Corporate support

We have a team consisting of different with high service level areas, supported by our Operational Excellence pillar.







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Germany, Belgium, Slovenia,
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