Responsible value chain

Operational excellence

We have internalized a planning-based management approach, an implementation based on competitive quality standards, and resource and process controls aimed at maturity and operational excellence. Our teams are focused and committed, and they have clear responsibilities in our on-going search for results that enable us to keep our promises to our clients and stakeholders.

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Outside initiatives

Certifies our activities to protect the ecosystems and natural resources (flora, fauna, soil, and water), and our use of good environmental and social practices, the use of phytosanitary products, and proper waste disposal.

Certifies our integrated pest and cultivar management within the agricultural production framework. Our commitment to our clients is to provide excellent products that meet their standards for consumption.

A social standard that promotes improving work conditions, quality of life, and the well- being of our team and their families. Banacol’s corporate policy is to not hire minors, and not to discriminate by reason of races, sex, age, origin, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, or political affiliation, among others.




We work every day with our more than 4,000 employees to meet the expectations of our clients through carefully grown and harvested high-quality products, that enable us to be competitive and maximize our results.

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We look for the best allies

Supply chain management

We value and recognize building trust and long-term relations with our allies. This enables us to optimize purchases, manage and mitigate risks, and maximize opportunities in our supply chain.

Our challenges

  • Strengthen our socioenvironmental connection with our suppliers of national and international goods and services, sharing with them the principles of sustainability, and promoting their implementation and application.

  • Strengthen close ties with our clients, sharing the principles of sustainability and measuring their perception and satisfaction with our service.

  • Use 26,000 tons of fruit that was not exported to create added value for our new business of production and commercialization of banana flour and purée, Frubatec.
  • Benefit 11,000 people in our communities by donating banana flour.
  • 98% of the material we collect in our field work will be recycled in the plastics factory. In addition, 30% of the propylene for producing rope will be recycled.

  • Implement a system to densify irrigation for 200 ha of banana plants.
  • Decrease the chemical load in our crops. For next year, increase by 5% the native noble cover, equivalent to 500 ha. Mechanical weed control will be used for this purpose.

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